Consider, The Lobster: #2

The crustacean is back, along with David Foster Wallace and Aristotle.

Way back in ‘stack #13, I introduced y’all to Consider, The Lobster, a creature I lifted from David Foster Wallace’s classic piece in Gourmet magazine, back when there was a Gourmet magazine (RIP, 2009). The magazine and Foster Wallace (RIP, 2008) may be gone, but lobsters have staying power, hanging around on the ocean bottom since Jurassic times, just waiting for the dinner bell/death knell. In addition to DFW, I am also indebted to Aristotle for this week’s cartoon. I patterned my drawings after the Greek philosopher’s Anatomai, a work of art and erudition wherein he refers to many drawings of the fauna of 300B.C. Including…wait for it…lobsters!

You think it’s easy to write a substack newsletter? I’m personally exhausted from stealing stuff across the millennia!

Read this quick, before the assembled ghosts (DFW, Gourmet, Aristotle, and the 10,000 lobsters I’ve slaughtered in my lifetime) come back to parboil me.

Until we (lobster) meat again….



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