The Real Shit Tom Brady is Dealing With at Age 45: An illustrated exposé

The NFL is back! So’s Tom! (Sorry Gisele.)

Seven Super Bowl rings! Enough to share with his G.O.A.T.!
Does this G.O.A.T. seem a little too masculine? She seems pissed, in any case.
If you think R2E is just an excuse for me to draw funny animals, you’re not far off.
I never thought about Tom Brady’s nipples, until now. Have you?
What a dad, right?
Visit Tampa before it’s under water permanently!
Note deflating football in lower right corner.
Tom’s specialty: Pigskin etoufée
Gisele reads bedtime stories to the kids in her native Portuguese. Tom’s more of a Dr. Suess guy.



Road 2 Where, Exactly? Hope you’ll join me for this picnic.

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